About Me

I'm Rachael- a valuable and versatile Virtual Assistant offering a variety of services in order to save you time and help grow your business! I assist both small and large businesses, as well as entrepreneurs, with daily administration and marketing. I have a diverse background within various settings, including: planning and implementation of wellness events and programs; preparing and implementation of marketing campaigns; social media management; data entry; data analysis; scheduling; medical records; purchasing; Microsoft Office; customer service; and more. 

I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Health and Exercise Science, with a concentration in Health Promotion, from Colorado State University. I have worked as a Health Educator, Marketing Coordinator, Instructor, and Administrative Professional for many years. I possess a valuable combination of skills and characteristics that can help take your business to the next level. 

I have the mindset to create positive change in my life and in the lives of others. I first recognized this power as I stood instructing therapeutic yoga and meditation to a class full of mentally and physically broken Army soldiers. Since then, what motivates me and what fulfills me has never been the same. I believe we are meant to take on obstacles with fire and passion. We are each tools to each other's success. 

Now, I want to create positivity, freedom, and time in your life and business. I want to come together with you and your business in order to create an impact, to share in your passion, and to create positive change. 


why work with me: VALUE.