my theory

I strive to make an impact. I refuse to live life going through the motions. I want to create positivity, freedom, and time in others' lives and businesses; because that is what I strive for, myself. I want to work with and alongside others with passion and drive for their industry. I want to come together with you and your business in order to create an impact, to share in your passion, and to create change.

My Mission

The mission of Rachael Mynatt Virtual Assistance is to eliminate administrative and operational stress for you and your company. I will efficiently manage your daily tasks and operations in order to provide high productivity, valuable work, and positive change within your company. 

why work with me


I provide the high-quality work you desire. I have a strong work ethic and high work capacity. I thrive while multitasking. 


I am a valuable asset to your company. My work ethic and passion are incomparable. I yearn to help people. 


I will work alongside you and your company to identify how I can provide positive change within your company. Together we will look at your current processes and operations to pin point where change is needed.